Tree Pruning

C&W Tree and Landscape provides tree pruning services to residents of Martinez, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Lafayette, Berkeley and more.

Trees add value and beauty to your home, and give it shade to keep it cool.  Efficient tree trimming and pruning will keep them attractive, healthy and balanced.

At C&W Tree and Landscape, we will inspect your trees and recommend the best option to keep them beautiful and thriving.  Several choices and methods are available and we have all the experience and necessary equipment to get the job done right.

One of the most common pruning methods is crown cleaning. Crown cleaning removes deadwood and diseased limbs from a healthy tree. This opens up the crown and keeps your tree balanced and healthy. Another method of pruning to keeping healthy trees balanced and safe is to prune the deadwood.

Dead limbs and branches are removed to prevent them from falling and damaging your property or vehicle.  ‘Thinning’ is an effective pruning method that helps to reduce the wind resistance in a tree, and prevents storm damage to the tree and your surrounding property.

If you have tree limbs that are hanging dangerously over a sidewalk or approaching a structure, the pruning method of ‘elevating’ will solve this common problem. Our experts take the entire tree and space into consideration when recommending a pruning option.  

Don’t let dangling and brittle tree limbs keep you up at night or cause damage to your home during a storm.  

Contact C&W Tree Service today at 925.229.4999, 510.893.8733 or 707.552.8733 to learn more about our services, and your choices when it comes to pruning trees around your property.