Tree Planting

C&W Tree and Landscape provides tree planting services to residents of Martinez, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Lafayette, Berkeley and more.

Trees are a long term investment.  How successfully your tree grows and flourishes depends on the type of tree and location you select for planting, the attention you give it when it’s planted, but most importantly, the care it gets after planting.

The perfect time to plant most trees and shrubs is in the fall or early spring before the bloom period.  Conditions are mild and cool, allowing them to sink roots in their new location before the wet season and summer heat stimulates new top growth.

It’s important to note that trees properly cared for in the nursery and given optimal care during transporting can easily be planted throughout the growing season, even in tropical climates.

Wherever trees grow all year long, any time is a good time to plant, as long as enough water is available. Proper handling during planting is crucial in guaranteeing a healthy life for most young trees and shrubs. Prior to planting, it is important to locate all underground utilities before you break out the shovel. 

Correct site prep before and during tree planting, combined with good follow-up care dramatically reduces the amount of time your tree experiences ‘transplant shock’.   It also allows your tree to quickly sink roots and establish in its new location.  Follow these simple steps, and you can significantly lower the stress the tree experiences during planting.

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