Tree Fertilizing

C&W Tree and Landscape provides quality tree and shrub fertilization services to residents of Martinez, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Lafayette, Berkeley and more.

Deep root fertilization is the most effective way to invigorate and revive the overall health with ailing trees and shrubs. It’s also the best way to increase and maximize their height and treat various nutrient deficiencies.

On a seasonal basis, certain additions can be used with your existing fertilizers that will successfully treat nutrient deficiencies and eliminate most pest infestation and harmful insect problems.  Typically, late in the month of September all the way through October is the optimal time of the year to begin the fertilization process.   Beginning to fertilize woody plants, trees, and shrubs before early spring and is the next best option.

Fertilizing from July through September should be avoided at all costs unless the plants in question are under severe stress due to a nutrient deficiency. The fresh growth that results from fertilizing during this period often does not harden before the onset of winter, and the result is usually disappointing to the avid gardener and amateur horticulture enthusiasts.

During this vital fertilization treatment, the professionals at C & W Tree Service are also searching for any other tree and shrub problems which may be overdue and/or overlooked.

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