Stump Grinding

C&W Tree and Landscape provides stump grinding services to the East Bay Area, including Martinez, Walnut Creek, Danville, Alamo, Orinda, Lafayette and more.

Stump ‘grinding’ is the most cost-effective way to get rid of unsightly and potentially dangerous stumps. It also minimizes the amount of damage to your property. We use a machine that has a large industrial strength wheel-blade with sharp teeth. The blade spins around quickly until the stump is “ground” out, and works like a chipper at ground level.  This option is perfect for most stumps.   

Typically, when we finish the job, there will be no physical signs that our equipment was ever on your property.  At C&W Tree and Landscape, we use light, portable, and non-intrusive stump grinding machinery, and in most cases finish in a few hours.  

If the roots of your tree are diseased, stump removal will give you the chance to prevent them from harming nearby trees. It also will make it easier to install a sprinkler system, as well as lower the natural contours of your landscape.

When compared to digging, stump grinding is much less expensive, and will affect a smaller area of your space. In addition, the threat of underground hazards present with digging can be completely avoided.

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